Fatty fat fat: An Ode to English Butter

I used to think that my husband’s penchant for cold toast – shared by pretty much all of the inhabitants of this little island we now call home – was gross. The only upside was that when we made brunch for a crowd in our 2-slice toaster, he was happy to eat the pieces made first, which were dry and cold by the time we sat down to eat. Thank you, husband.

My argument against cold toast was simple: Cold toast doesn’t melt butter. Gross.

Then last week we went and bought a sunlight-yellow brick of salted farmhouse butter from Sainsbury’s. Item crossed off shopping list, tra la la la. No big deal. Home for tea.


People, this butter is so good that I have changed my mind on toast! After 32 years. This butter is delicious, slightly sweet and nutty. It tastes like sunshine. Instead of treating this butter in a utilitarian fashion – to  soften toast, to melt into pancake batter – I have come to treat this butter with reverence. When I am done shaving thin slices of butter onto my cold (!) toast, I gently wrap the butter back up into its wrapping the way you might tuck a small child in for the night. This morning I had some butter on two slices of cold !) (still so surprised by this) toast with a smear of blackberry jam. It was heaven. I am a woman changed.

After a bit of research (ok, Googling) I discovered that the main reason for this is fat. Delicious fatty fat fat. On average, British butter has a higher fat content than its Canadian counterparts. Even though this is usually just 3-4 percentiles, it makes a huge difference. A huge delicious difference.

Thank you fatty fat fat. You changed my mind on toast.

PS Because everyone should experience the wonder that is this video —



6 thoughts on “Fatty fat fat: An Ode to English Butter

  1. lpvega says:

    A different but related experience with fatty fat things: The temperatures have finally dropped low enough in Sayulita for the coconut oil on my nightstand to solidify from its previous liquid consistency to a lovely buttery texture that melts in a super satisfying way when I rub it between my fingers. Who knew what a joy this could be?


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